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Esthetics is the study of all things beautiful. A balanced life is a beautiful life. Mind, Body, Spirit . . . Beauty can change your life and those around you, Beauty is Power. To seek to be beautiful is not vanity, it is your birthright.


I’m crazy for my product, STAGELIGHTS Gel Creme. The active ingredients,  Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol are the hip and savvy new kids on the block for treating aging skin and hyperpigmentation. Just listen to this: 

Previously, you may have identified Hexylresorcinol as an ingredient in mouth washes and throat lozenges where its function was as an antiseptic and analgesic!Chemists are now understanding it’s enormous ability to address skin discoloration and  hyperpigmentation.  Studies prove that Hexylresorcinol at .5% is just as effective as .2% Hydroquinone!  

That’s not all, though! Hexylresorcinol also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!  Additionally,  daily use increases protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays (Note: it is NOT a sunscreen itself.) as well as the cell suffocating damage caused by pollution.  It does this by improving the skin's natural barrier which reduces TDWL (trans dermal water loss), thus eliminating dehydration and keeping the skin moist and soft.

The other active ingredient in Stagelights, Niacinamide (also know as Vitamin B3 and Nicotinic Acid) increases free fatty acid levels and ceramides in skin, again, by improving the skin’s natural barrier and preventing TDWL. By stimulating microcirculation, it too treats uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.  It even helps to prevent and heal blemishes as well as the scarring resulting from them.  Add to this the ability to address fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity, laxity of tone and uneven texture and you have a nearly perfect ingredient!

Combine these two together in one gel creme, suitable for All Skin Types, for use day or night or both and, Viola!  You have STAGELIGHTS!

Six Surprising Tips To Feel Young

Change can inspire us in ways that are startling. Actively seeking learning and growth happens when we first are willing to alter small habits in life. Stubbornness ages our minds and our bodies. Practice small rebellions and redesign yourself. You are only as old as your lack of diversity.  

Assumption is aging.

I have eighty year old clients who are younger than some thirty year olds I know.  Wonder is everything.  Lack of it takes the sparkle out of our eyes, where youth shines forth.  Here's a few surprising steps you can take to feel younger. 

 1.  Spray your sheets with perfume.  When Marilyn Monroe was once asked by the press what she slept in she replied, "Chanel No.5". That one quote inspired me when I was nineteen and since then I've perfumed my sheets.  I suspect this one thing is what convinced my husband I was the one. Besides using your precious perfume, there are spray fragrances specifically for linen. And, of course, you can DIY with aromatherapy oils: Mix 1 oz alcohol with 10 drops essential oil in a spray bottle and shake well. Add 3 oz of water and shake again before each use.  Lavender (or Lavendula) mixed with 1 drop Clary Sage will give your dreams flight.

2.  Get up an hour earlier.  May sound like nonsense coming from me, robbing yourself of an hour of beauty sleep, but it will make your day.  Alone time with your  coffee or tea before the house wakes up will remind you of the childhood excitement you felt on summer mornings. Connecting with your Higher Power and your inner self in the morning will silence your screaming To Do list and help you prioritize for a fulfilling day.

3.  Choose different sleep wear.  If you've always worn pajamas, pick out some cute nighties for a change.  If your thing is nightgowns, try lightweight loose fitting T-shirts with sexy panties. And if you never have, sleep naked.   Just try it for, say, ten days and see how you feel when you wake up. You'll never go back.

4. Brew a week's supply of black tea bags and store them in the refrigerator in a container filled with 1/2 witch hazel and 1/2 distilled water. In the morning, take five minutes to lay down with a bag on each eye. Viola! Bags gone, lines smoothed.  Alternately, there are products just for this, such as Patchology Under Eye Gels.  I put one under each eye while I drink my morning coffee. A ten minute game changer.

5. Wear lip liner.  A bit of lip liner will make your lips look young and full. As as we age our lip line flattens out. Really, putting on lip liner is so fast and easy you will marvel that you never did it before. And for goodness' sake, be courageous, don't cheat yourself! Line where your lips used to be.  Fill in the rest with lipstick or gloss or the liner itself.  This doesn't take but a few seconds more when your running out the door but will make you feel like your twenty.

6.  Eat a spoonful of  dough when you make chocolate chip cookies.  Now I know you've heard since forever that raw eggs can kill you or at least send you to the hospital.  Not so, I have been eating cookie dough since I was 8.  Once my sister and I made a batch of cookies just so we could eat the dough.  And we did.  All of it.  We loved it.  We're still here.

HOW IT WORKS: Microneedling

Microneedling the skin as a cosmetic procedure sounds mysterious. It seems counter-intuitive to damage the skin by piercing it with micro-fine needles.  A little bit of explanation can simplify the science behind this remarkable treatment.

When a trauma occurs, such as the controlled trauma of Microneedling, the skin goes into an accelerated cellular turnover.  This action is very different from it’s daily maintenance. Healing is a very rapid and very efficient specific function.  The quicker metabolism creates a collagen cascade in response to the "injury". For instance, during acne scarring, collagen production overdoes it, creating thicker, stiffer tissue. Microneedling cannot create scarring because as the name says, it is a controlled injury on a micro level.  In fact, Microneedling can remodel acne scarring into a softer, smoother complexion.  

The skin loves doing what it does best, which it does very well if we get out of the way and let it do it! It is, quite simply, doing what its reason and function is: To create, repair and maintain an intact, healthy barrier for the body against infection. 

Production of Collagen Type I and Type III are responsible for healthy healing.  During repair, the complexion is redefined minus fine lines, wrinkles, scar tissue, texture irregularities and large pores.  Additionally, the newly refurbished dermis created in the weeks following the Microneedling procedure, creates some tightening of tissue which appears as firmer contours.  

Collagen Induction Therapy is not for every skin type.  Active acne and rosacea are two types that should avoid Microneedling, both at home in an office setting. Those clients with a history of Herpes Simplex Infections must pre and post treat with prescribed Rx. 

For a comprehensive list of  benefits, precautions and contraindications of Microneedling, email me at cbryant-rushing@cox.net.

Redesign and Grow Your Eyebrows With Rogaine

While shopping at one of my favorite places, a drugstore, I started taking pictures of all the products I think are indispensable: those items every woman needs in her medicine cabinet.  

I decided to add THE CORNER DRUGSTORE feature to my newsletters and introduce you to some surprising and essential products to add to your beauty regimen!

One I have written about before in previous blogs and several newsletters is Minoxidil, brand name Rogaine.  I have used this since 1995 to grow my eyebrows in thicker and wider.  About three months ago, my Makeup Artist daughter, Katie Kahoun Go to Her Website! , suggested I rethink the shape of my brows.  She said they aged my face and, of course, when she showed me this picture, I completely agreed.  

The problem was that I would have to extend and lift the arch of my brows,  which meant I would have to tweeze out the entire outside third of them!
 Rogaine to the rescue!

I applied Men's Rogaine every night with a Q-Tip™ under the inner two thirds of my brows and to the outside third where no eyebrow had ever grown before!

 Below are the results after about two months. (These have a tiny amount of eyebrow pencil, just enough to sharpen the shape.) DO NOT USE ON EYELASHES!

And You Thought You Were Getting Beauty Sleep . . .

Ever woke up with a crease on your face?  While creases go away eventually (hours later😬) the same day, they are an indication of the damage done to your face from sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.  This damage seems temporary, but through the years these creases are ‘ironed’ into your face.

We spend a third of our lives in bed. By the time we are 60, we will have slept for an average of 20 years!  That’s 87,600 days of perpetual damage to the skin!  Unlike lines from expressing ourselves, this damage occurs passively, yet with deep, permanent purpose.  

That’s just the beginning of the problem.  Cotton is so absorbent, it can hold up to 27 times its weight in water! It actually draws moisture away from you skin, drying it out and absorbing your expensive night crème in the process! And that’s not all: Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair, drying it out, encouraging split ends and as if that wasn’t enough, causing bad hair day!

Movie stars and hairdressers have known for decades that silk pillowcases are exquisitely gentle for your hair. Listen up those of you with hair extensions, curly hair, fine and fragile hair and anyone wanting to maintain the integrity of their hair, 100% silk preserves the integrity of your hair, extends the time between shampoos and allows your hairstyle or blow-dry to last and last.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator, so it's cooler in the summer, naturally hypo-allergenic and mold and mite resistant.  While copies abound such as synthetic satin, nothing has ever come close to the health and beauty benefits of real silk. There are 18 amino acids and copper naturally found in silk, enabling it to actually treat your complexion, restoring its youthfulness and strength as well as increasing your hair's elasticity, luster, body, and shine!

Not all silk pillowcases are created equal though!  My personal preference is for at least a 22 momme Mulberry Silk with a Charmeuse finish. (Similar to thread count, momme is the standard measure for silk weight. It indicates the weight of a piece of fabric 110 yards by 45 inches.)  Listed below are some websites I found that carry quality silk pillowcases: 

Good Mom / Bad Mom The Top 3 Best and Worst Advice From Mothers

With Mother’s Day in a week, I’m pondering the advice I’ve heard from clients over the years given them from their mothers.  I’ve compiled a list of the the top 3 best and worst advice I’ve ever heard.   

Great Advice:

  1. “ Wash your face before you go to bed.”  This was a big one with my Mother and from a very early age my sister and I  mimicked her nightly ritual, even down to eye cream, which for us was vaseline.☺️  
  2. “Don’t look at the sun.”  I know, right?  Yet I grew up with kids that dared each other to see how long they could look at the sun.  Those kids all have cataracts now.  My Mother made it simple for us.  She told us we’d go blind.  
  3. “Eat your vegetables.” Again, easy for me as I loved vegetables. Not so easy for the hamburger patty, cooked rare, I was served for dinner every night to cure my anemia.  Anyone remember the saying, “Blood feeds blood?” I heard it nightly from my Mom in response to my protests.  Eck.  It still gags me to someone with a steak floating in blood on their plate.  What, they missed the invention of fire? 

Not So Great Advice:

  1. “Go outside and get some color, you look like a ghost.”  Yep, I have several clients who grew up with this one. It harkens back to the fifties and sixties when suntans were supposedly a sign of health and vitality.  Those people are now getting basal and squamous cell carcinomas burned off their skin every three months.  I grew up in Arizona.  Going outside to play lasted two minutes, max.
  2.  “All you need is soap and water.”  Come On!  Just typing this advice makes my face itch. Thirty years ago I would get clients whose whole protocol was soap and water. “Squeaky Clean,” remember?  Read: Stripped of precious pH balance mantle.  Thankfully magazines, beauty books and blogs have educated most of us to the error of that advice. 
  3. “Freckles are cute.” R-i-g-h-t.   I remember cringing hearing my daughter’s Stepmother telling that to her ten year old twin girls, their faces covered with freckles after a summer of sunburns.   They’re just a little over thirty now and one can pass for her  mother.  In case you didn’t get the memo:  Freckles are sun damage.  Period.  Not cute.  

    Now it’s your turn.  Go to my Facebook Book Page at https://www.facebook.com/BryantRushingBeauty/ and post the best and worst advice you ever got from your mother. 

Is Korean Skincare The Newest Thing?

The highly touted Korean Beauty Routine has some similarities to my own skin care philosophy.  In brief, a multi-step beauty regimen. (Not to mention a bee-venom moisturizer and sheet masques.)   And as someone who believes firmly in the benefit of snail slime (Tensage Ampoules and Serums), Gel sheets for temporary wrinkle removal (Patchology), Micro Needling devices for home use to amplify product absorption, daily shaving of the complexion  and Clinical Depth Micro Needling to seriously tighten and firm the skin as well as erase wrinkle and brown spots…I felt some affinity here and had to do some serious investigation into the Asian phenomenon.

The Korean skincare regimen can be upwards of 10+ steps in a routine. Yep, that would be me! We both agree on separate and distinct targeted treatment steps for your skin concerns, followed by strict daily sunscreen use.  I’m in all the way!

One thing I adamantly  agree with in the Korean skin care philosophy is the Double Cleansing.  This is imperative if you wear foundation makeup. (Which I hope that you do!)  Even so,  every skin type is deeply benefited from Double Cleansing.  That can look like a makeup cleanser (such as Innocently Clean or Naturally Clean) followed by a scrub (such as Happy Face Microdermabrasion Scrub or Sunny Day Creamy Gentle Scrub). Or introducing an AHA cleanser (such as the low-lather Virtuously Clean or the dreamily delicious Dangerously Clean volcanic mud cleanser).  It can even be  a specific toner applied with gauze sponges ($24) or cotton pads.

My newest product I am just crazy about are my new facial washcloths.  Made from fine muslin in 100% cotton, they provide a thorough cleansing process for removal of any type cleansers, eye makeup and masques.  Finely woven without the bacteria-hiding loops of terry cloth washcloths, you’ll find these new cloths are a fabulous introduction to full facial cleansing.  They are excellent for steaming the face to deeply remove cleansing product and they are mild and yet gently exfoliating.  Just $23 for a package of eight.

So back to this 10-step skincare regimen…I’ve been doing this for forty five years and and firmly believe in a multi-step approach to caring for your priceless complexion.  Since I  have so much in common with the Asian approach, including shaving the face daily, I guess I’ll have to check out that Bee-Venom Moisturizer!

MY OTHER FACE and 7 Beauty Rules

I learned I had two faces at thirty eight years of age.  I don't know why I never noticed it before.  It had just never occurred to me to look.  My husband at the time brought it to my attention.  He said, “Why are you ‘getting a little color’ on your chest but covering up your face? They don’t match and it looks strange. Here, look at this photo…”

I took the picture from him and gasped.  My head and neck looked like they were floating above my chest, strangely disembodied.  Here I was thinking ‘a little color’ was attractive and so right  on my décolletage when it fact it was five ways from wrong. It was like I had a second and not so attractive face. And it was definitely stealing all the attention.  Not only that, there were vertical wrinkles  in the center of it and the ‘little color’ turned out in reality to be assorted and discordant shades of brown, mottled and dehydrated looking.  

That was it.  I threw away my convictions that the body needed to have some color and henceforth  devoted myself to making sure that all my parts matched.  It was harder than I thought…It took time and lots of experimentation. 

Twenty eight years later, I can confidently share with you my secrets for reversing décolletage  damage and making your other face blend beautifully with your perfect complexion. 

If, upon appraisal, your décolletage  looks five or more years older than your face, here are 7 Beauty Rules to make those faces match.

1.  Bring all your products you use on your face down to at least the top of your breasts.  If you are severely sun-damaged (brown spots, lines, creepiness), apply my Deliberately Beautiful Truly Transformational Creme morning and night.

2.  Wear shirts or tops that cover this very delicate,  very vulnerable and fragile skin.  If you insist on succumbing to fashionista fun, wear a scarf over your chest while you are running around.  Do double duty and bring it up around your neck too.

3.  Wear a sunscreen every single day.  Think you won’t be going outside? Put it on anyway.  Wearing a crew neck top?  Put it on anyway—sun rays can travel through fabric.  I prefer mineral based sunscreens on the décolletage.  They are non-irritating, won’t stain fabrics and provide insta-protection.

4.  Add my Stagelights Gel Creme to Deliberately Beautiful (you can mix them together and apply if you want) to add plushness and vibrancy back into the thinning skin on the décolletage.

5.  Sleep on your back.  You already know you should be for the sake of your face.  If, however, sleeping on your side is non-negotiable, read Beauty Rule #6. Also, go to www.VasseurSkincare.com and purchase Melanie Vasseur’s amazing  Beauty Pillow for $49.95.  It will give you a ten year reprieve on aging within ten days.  

6.  Get a Sleep Bra.  Trust me.  Sleep with one on for a week and you’ll never want to flop around again. Those ugly vertical lines down the middle of your décolletage will go away.  Oh, and you’ll stave off sagging, no small feat.  I buy the Coobie Comfort Bra at www.shopcoobie.com

7. Do Microneedling on your décolletage when you do your face.  This little roller will significantly half the time it takes to get where you want to go.  I carry the only USA made, FDA approved medical device.  They are $160 and last for a year, and that’s micro needling twice daily.  This week only, I’ll throw in the Cleansing Solution Kit.

Do NOT think it is too late for your décolletage! It is NEVER too late.  Try these six rules for a year and you will be astonished.  Improvement is inevitable!

WATERSHED: Your Truest Self

I don’t know a woman who doesn't have one body part they are less than happy with.  We read articles in magazines about how to improve it, surgically correct it, enhance it or just hide it.  There is some established critical order of beauty which publishes guidelines for acceptability that we consciously (or unconsciously) compare ourselves up against. We see it in print advertising, read about it on websites or magazines or we hear it from our friends and family members.  

I grew up with my mother telling me I had her hands.  This was a confusing comment to a young girl because in the next few sentences she would describe her hands: large, knuckly, veiny, thin-skinned and freckled.  As a little girl I didn’t see those things but as I grew up, I modeled my mother’s hands.

I envied smooth, seemingly knuckle-less hands, princess hands I called them, soft and puffy, no sign of veins showing, seamless, capable of only casting a spell. No amount of cream or glove wearing could give me those perfect hands.  I was destined to hide my hands, rings embarrassing me, not adorning me.

Single mother for thirteen years, one day I was installing a dimmer switch into one of my light switches and the thought occurred to me, these hands support me.  These hands are mother and father to my daughter.  These hands are building a present and a future.

Strong, capable, nurturing.

And in a moment all was changed.  I saw the evolution of my critical self judgement evaporate. These hands held my baby.  They decorated birthday cakes and guided that tiny mouth to suckle. They changed diapers and brushed her fine angel hair into a diminutive ponytail.  They calmed fevers and made French Toast for breakfast.  They drove to dance classes and the movies and took shoes off at the end of the day. They bathed and tucked in at night.  They caressed her when her heart was broken and held her up during chemotherapy. 

And these hands have given me a livelihood from which to do these things.  To inspire, to heal and to lead other women into believing they are perfect, just as they are, with all the gifts they were given to go and make a life.


Last Thursday morning I picked up my daughter to eat at one of our favorite breakfast places, Chompie’s.  As we pulled into the crowded parking lot, she said, “Let’s run into Starbucks and get coffee in case we have to wait."  

As usual, I was wearing a long-sleeved crew neck t-shirt, scarf, gloves and big sunglasses.  Katie wore her signature camisole top with a winter-worthy sweater, ponytail and big sunglasses.  As we strolled into Starbucks I casually said, “Do you have sunscreen on?”  It was early in the morning and I just had this foreboding premonition that she got ready in a hurry.  Her head swung around to face me with a look of horror which I then mirrored back to her. 

Don’t brush your teeth!” I said, way too loud. We'd just entered Starbucks.  Several kids looked up from their iPhones   at us. I whisper-screamed, “If you only have time to do one thing, Put On Sunscreen!  Don’t brush your teeth!” 

People began to worry amongst themselves.  I imagined they thought I had read some breaking news  they weren’t privy to about the high mortality rate of people who practiced regular teeth brushing.

“What are we going to do?” Katie said frantically.  “We have to get back across the parking lot!” 

I lifted the collar of her sweater. “That will cover your neck,” I said.  She pulled it up around and under her eyes, saying, “I’ll hold it up like this.” 

“But what about your forehead!” I exclaimed. I looked hopefully at her, knowing the look that would be coming when I said, “Would you tie my scarf around your face?”  Unlike her mother, there is a limit to her public nerdiness. 

“Ok, Ok!” I said, “We’ll walk really fast and you keep your head down!”   

We grabbed our coffees and slid through the shop, shuffling quickly across the parking lot like two refugees crossing the Sahara.

In the summer when I am out running errands, I often get the question, posed by an incredulous stranger, “Are you cold?”   I’ve stopped proselytizing.  I no longer preach about the evils of UV radiation.  I’ve come to realize people either don't really care, don’t think it applies to them, or believe tomorrow will never come.  Nowadays I simply smile and say, “No, I’m allergic to the sun.” 

I’m reminded of one of my favorite movies, “My Cousin, Vinny.”  Chided by the judge for the third time on his inappropriate judicial attire, an astonished Vinny blurts out, “You were serious about that?”

Yes, I’m serious about that.  SUN